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After her breakdown, acting work dried up

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ctivist, campaigning against the Gulf War, energy fracking and in support of Democrat Bernie Sanders

in the 2016 US presidential election.Kidder became an American ▓citizen in 2


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a s▓ix-day union in 1979

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ollow us on WechatA shock electoral upset has just returned 92-year-▓old Dr M


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isterial chair in Malaysia.Will Dr. Mahathir reset China-▓Malaysia trade rela

tions?Will Dr. Mahathir reset China-Malaysia trade relations?05-14-2

018 16:56 BJTA shock electoral upset has just returned 92-year-old Dr Mahathir Mohamad to the prime ministerial chair in Malaysia. The run-up to this climax was mudd▓led by a miasma of fake n

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heories from both sides of the political divide. China-baiting was draw▓n into this tawdry mix despite

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om Chine▓se Mainland serving as a stabilizing mainstay of▓ the local economy.According to an Economic Intelligence Unit report last year, Malaysia was the fourth-largest recipient of Chinese mainland direct investments – right behind Singapore, Unite▓d States and China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Reg

ion. Although the sum total of Chinese investments in Malaysia has not been adeq

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